Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Closet Purge!

After the second attempt at having a new big closet built (the first one fell down), I have a great new closet! It is undeniably filled to capacity at the moment. I recently realized that there are many things in there that have outstayed their welcome. For example, there is definitely a shirt in there from sophomore year of high school! I am now 24 years old, and that shirt is thread bare and outdated. So I decided when I get home next week, i will have a new project. I am going to purge my closet of all of the clothes that I do not wear for various reasons; outdated, bad condition, etc. It's bad enough that I keep clothes I don't like anymore, but it makes me feel bad that I have a lot of clothes I don't wear and that I could give away. It will then be tempting to buy new clothes. I promised myself that I would not spend a dime on new clothes until I pay off my credit cards. Hopefully that will give me a lot of incentive to pay them off quickly! The next few paychecks will go (almost) completely toward my credit cards. Although it won't be easy, I need the discipline in the worst way!