Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashion Forecast 2010

Sometimes I'm on board with the newest trends, and other times I just shutter at the latest things that designers have decided to call "fashionable". Like any storm front, all you can do is just wait until these pass over. After devouring the latest InStyle, Lucky, Cosmo, and Glamour, I've noticed a beautiful outlook as well as severe trends headed our way in the 2010 fashion forecast.

The first disastrous trend for 2010 is...clogs?
Really? Isn't it still a bit too soon for these to be back? I remember the last time they were in, I owned a pair. They weren't cute or flattering then, nor are they now. The only place I would love to see clogs is a souvenir shop in Holland.

Another trend that should not come back is short shorts with knee socks. How is this a good look for anyone?
It should be reserved for school girls and strippers. Can't they just have this one thing?

The next item I've been seeing, get ready for it, is NAUTICAL STRIPES!
Wait you're not surprised? Neither is anyone else. We don't need to announce that stripes are in every Spring. I love stripes, they're classic. That's why we don't even need to say they're in style, because they always are.

There are definitely a few things I'm glad to see.

I think jumpsuits are fantastic. I actually own 2, but have yet to hem them correctly, so they lay in wait.

I love all of the light, pretty, earthy colors and wild prints(floral and otherwise) as well. Refreshingly feminine, is an indulgence I think we can all enjoy right now.

Lastly, I love the feather trend. Last Fall I bought a feather dress that I've only worn once, but I intend on wearing it more.
It makes you feel beautiful, really!