Monday, November 16, 2009

Just wear it!

I do not think that being fashionable has to be expensive, or difficult. I also believe that by learning some key points, anyone can look fabulous. You can't very well learn to read before you have learned the alphabet, so I am going to start off with an easy concept.

-Wear what YOU like
People in the Midwest often fall into two categories. One group does not really care what they wear as long as it's clean, and even that is negotiable. The other is way too careful about what they wear. If it hasn't been seen on everyone they know, and it isn't being sold at Wal-Mart yet, they wouldn't dare try it. I'm here to tell you to quit being a chicken. If it makes you feel good, you should wear it. Wear it at home first, and strut around in it in front of the mirror. Whatever it takes, just get comfortable in it. One warning though, once you're wearing it out in public you have to commit to it! Wear it with the same confidence you would have in those oh so average boot cut jeans, boring cardigan, and clunky Ugg boots. Maybe even with more confidence. Oh, and this just in, Ugg boots are no longer edgy.

Here are a few of my favorite stores that you can shop at and still afford to eat lunch afterwards.

-Forever 21- Very edgy with great prices. If you are looking to be fashion forward this is the place.
-Target- Really starting to have great pieces by international designers, and are usually in step with the latest trends.
-T.J. Maxx- Quality name brand clothing for prices you can not find at department stores. Count on them for trends or classics.
-H&M- Continues to better itself by inviting top designers to come on board and design clothes for prices that the average person can be happy with.

Happy shopping!

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