Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Style Lessons From Dad

I have never thought my dad was stylish. When I was young, my family would make fun of him all of the time. The man would keep his dress socks on, throw on a pair of wind pants and Sperry deck shoes, and head to the store. This was a major fashion faux pas. Now, I may or may not, own a pair of those Sperry Deck shoes (we call them boat shoes in my family). Although dad is not the most fashionable guy I know, he has flashy taste like I do.

Last Sunday, mom and dad and I got in the car to go to church. We were all wearing purple! What were the odds? Great, I thought, I match my parents. Maybe I can sit between them and hold their hands too. Standing at church I was a little embarrassed. That is when I looked down. To my horror, I had on my snakeskin high heels and he had on his snake skin boots! I said to him, "Look it gets worse", as I pointed down. He cracked up when he saw it, and neither of us could stop laughing.

Who would have thought that I would wear anything that resembled what my dad wore? I always thought he was so oblivious to fashion, and then I ended up being his twin for a day! He could still use some guidance from time to time, but dad is OK and dresses better than lots of people.

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