Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love it!

There are some things that I get made fun of for wearing, or for even ogling over at the store. That is why I usually try not to say much about these pieces before I buy and wear them for a night out. By not announcing their debut, I find there is less of a window of opportunity for the naysayers to judge my new treasure.

A few examples of such items that I love right now, include:

High tops- They are very hip for young women in Europe right now I swear. Paired with skinny pants it gives off an, "I wear what I want to" vibe.

Jumpsuits- This look from the 70s and 80s is surprisingly flattering and sexy in my opinion. It redefines your idea of the power suit.

Yellow gold jewelry- I have been into yellow gold for about two years. I think the bright, true yellow, hued variety, looks young and fresh. It brightens up any skin tone.

Elbow length gloves- The beauty of these is that they can be hidden under sleeves, and keep you warmer than shorter styles, or they can be paired with a bracelet sleeve for a glamorous old Hollywood look.

Please do not disregard any of the above items before at least trying them on. If you end up buying one or all of these items you can thank me later ;)

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